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Hello and welcome to our privacy page. We are very serious about privacy here. When you put your travel information on our site we will not share it with anyone. We're not interested in your personal information or your travel habits, only concerned with saving you a lot of money when you travel.

We don't use malware, spyware or cookies to track people on our site. We don't care what you do on our site as long as you don't sabotage our website. But on our partner sites is a different story.. We work with partners to bring you the lowest possible price for your travel. If you book on their sites, you might read their privacy policy.

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We're not responsible for anything our partners said about a certain travel deal or content on their site or any advertisement shown.. we bring you savings!, but don't guarantee or make any positive claims about any service that we offer or partners.

We're not interested in your private life, only in giving you the lowest prices in travel available. unless you want to tell us your interesting story.